Strategic Orientations for Innovation Paper

Uncategorized Dec 21, 2018

By Saqib Rasool 

While in the role of the President of the National Council on Innovation for Competitiveness, Dr. Fernando Flores delivered a major report that is a must-read for anyone serious about navigating the big shifts and openings in the business world and understanding innovation. 

In a blog posting reprinted in The Wall Street Journal CIO Journal, Irving Wladawsky-Berger praised the report for its creation of a new historical background for understanding and interacting with innovation. Wall Street Journal_Innovation as a Journey Into the Future

According to Dr. Fernando Flores: 

"We can say, without fear of exaggerating, that we are living at a unique historical moment: a change of era. And, in this context, no country has its future assured. The most successful ones will be those most capable of “reading” reality and designing more efficient mechanisms to deal with the transformations. But this competitive scenario is also characterized by the duty to assume our responsibility, as a human race, for the survival of the planet, which has long been deteriorating due to the pace and intensity of our interventions."

He refers to Chile when talking about the Country, but the observations, assessments, and recommendations made here are equally useful for all nations and all concerned inhabitants of earth and citizens of various developing and developed nations. 

A must-read for every leader and entrepreneur navigating the present times of change. Here are the links to this historical report. 

Download English version

Download Spanish version



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