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Mobilize! Dancing In The World

Vol 1. Questions, Contingencies, and Commitments

The world is quivering, and we in it.  

What kind of history shall we make? What grand mischief? 

In this moment of scintillating uncertainty, we are called more than ever to build new ways of being and working together. Such a moment calls for a companion — a pocket guide — as we embrace the challenges of adjusting and transforming our worlds. 

Dancing in the World is a pocket guide for you. This first of twelve volumes of my essays on listening and design is a treatise, a chronicle of adventure, and an invitation to join the bold work of designing new practices. The time is now. 

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“Some designers understand themselves in terms of the things they design, and others understand themselves as actors on the fulcrum of history.”

— From Mobilize: Dancing In The World by Chauncey Bell

MOBILIZE! Workshop

The MOBILIZE! Workshop is our most publicly accessible offering, where we bring senior topics and exposure to our central offerings without you having to undertake customized work with us. 

In this intensive workshop, we introduce a body of practices for mobilizing change in enterprises that we originally developed at Business Design Associates and in various engagements since then. These practices will give new and experienced consultants a foundation for cultivating new, differentiating offers for their clients; and enable business owners and advisors to explore and address their challenges and issues from a new and richer perspective. 

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